Evolence - New Injectable Filler Material

Jul 7, 2008 @ 08:48 AM — by Dr. Sutton Graham

Johnson & Johnson has just obtained FDA approval to market Evolence, an injectable collagen used to treat facial wrinkles.

This will be interesting for several reasons. First, J&J is the first large pharmaceutical corporation to enter a market populated by smaller specialty companies like Allergan (Juvaderm) and Medicis (Restylane & Perlane). Their marketing will, no doubt, be superb. Second, the new product is made of porcine collagen derived from pig tendon. J&J emphasizes the source as "naturally sourced", rather than synthetic like established fillers. Finally, bovine (cow) collagen has been declining in popularity for 10-15 years. It was the first available filler, but fell out of favor because of rapid disappearance and the need for skin allergy tests.

Evolence has been used in Canada and some European countries, but there is little US experience. We will evaluate its risks and benefits over time before incorporating it into our selection of products.

[January 2018 update:  We have a number of injectable wrinkle treatments and methods for volume replacement, which do not include this product.]

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