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A billion dollars worth of unwanted fat: liposuction was top cosmetic surgery in 2013.

Mar 28, 2014 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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In 2013 Americans chose to have fat removed by liposuction 363,900 times.  Liposuction spending was eatimated at $1,024,300,000.  Lipo was more common than breast augmentation, which is frequently the top national procedure.  Liposuction increased 16% from the prior year.  These figures do not include CoolSculpting, a nonsurgical fat reduction method that is increasingly popular.  These statistics are from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) of which Dr. Graham is an active member. http://www.surgery.org/media/news-releases/the-american-society-for-aesthetic-plastic-surgery-reports-americans-spent-largest-amount-on-cosmetic-surger For our own website, check this link: http://www.expertplasticsurgeon.com/body-cosmetic-surgery

Major increase in plastic surgery procedures: End of the great recession?

Mar 26, 2014 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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Americans spent $12 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2013 (surgical and nonsurgical).  That's one of the conclusions of the recent annual statistics by the ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) of which Dr. Graham is an active member.  That includes $7B for surgical and $5B nonsurgical, such as lasers, Botox, Restylane, and new Voluma.  These figures are higher than any year since 2008.

The most common surgeries were liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid tuck, tummy tuck, and nose surgery.    Botox increased 15% and all nonsurgical procedures increased 13%.

Record numbers of consumers were doing online research for cosmetic surgery.  For the procedures listed above the increased traffic from the prior year were:  lipo 76%, aug 62%, eyelid 58%, tummy 48% and nose 53% more inquires.  The so-called Brazilian Butt Lift saw the largest increases, searches doubled in frequency.

Please Welcome Barbara and Nicole

Jan 5, 2014 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
Tags: Registered Nurse Certified Surgical Technologist

Please join us in welcoming two new members of our team, specifically in our accredited surgical facility; Barbara (Babbs) Godfrey and Nicole Smith. 

Barbara Godfrey joined us to enhance our surgical team and run our OR.  She is an experienced peri-operative registered nurse.  She will assist our patients from initial information, through pre-operative preparation, and intra-operative nursing, then finally post-anesthesia recovery.  She works in conjunction with Sara Christie, RN in many of these activities.

Nicole Smith has years of experience as a certified surgical technologist, the person who actually assists Dr. Graham as he performs the surgical procedures.  (That's the person passing instruments to the surgeon you often see on television.)  She'll also assist him seeing office patients, so you will have the opportunity to get to know her before and after your procedures. 


"Voluma" New HA Facial Volume Enhancement. We're among the first practices to offer this.

Dec 13, 2013 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
Tags: Voluma Hyauronic Acid Filler Facial Aging

There is a new long lasting facial filler available.  Juvederm Voluma is an injectable filler to improve facial aging changes, specifically loss of cheek volume that occurs over time.  It is a new and unique produce giving immediate and fairly long lasting results.  This is not the same as Juvederm XC, which is approved for treating wrinkles near the mouth (nasolabial groove).

What Do You Think? Cosmetic Procedures for Christmas Gifts?

Dec 12, 2013 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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CBS News reported recently on friends and family giving their loved ones Botox or other cosmetic procedures for their Christmas gifts.  In our practice experience that may be done from time to time, particularly by husbands, but its not common among friends.  http://abcnews.go.com/US/plastic-surgery-years-hot-christmas-gift/story?id=15189440

Study: Breast Augmentation Patients Feel 3-D Simulation was Helpful

Dec 9, 2013 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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In a Swedish study of breast augmentation patients there were several interesting conclusions.  First, patients prefer a center that offers 3-D imaging technology.  Second, they felt that the simulation was very helpful in choosing the implant.  And finally, they were happy with the implant size they chose.  http://links.lww.com/PRS/A840 but you need Power Point to view their results.  Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, October 2013, Vol 132, Number 4. This technology is available in our office.  During your consultation with Dr. Graham, you will have the opportunity to see a high quality 3-D image, and how various implant sizes may improve your breast appearance.  http://www.expertplasticsurgeon.com/html/3d-imaging-system.html

Men's Night Out

Dec 2, 2013 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
Tags: Male Plastic Surgery Male Non Surgical Coolsculpting

This Thursday, we will be inviting men that wonder about our procedures.  We will discuss male skin care, treatments for early signs of facial aging, Botox / Dysport wrinkle teratments, Juvederm / Restylane / Belotero injectable fillers and more.  We'll talk about minimally invasive facial treatments and non-surgical body contouring (CoolSculpting), including a live demonstration.  We will feature before and after surgical photos. Cups of Lyn's home-made chili will be available.  Attendees are entered into a drawing for a high quality Yeti-brand cooler.

Dermaplaning: New Skin Care Technique Available

Oct 31, 2013 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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From Lyn Smeak, RN (Injectables & Skin)---Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation used to clear dry, dead, superfluous skin.  in the process vellous facial hair )"peach fuzz") is also removed.  Effective and safe, it helps with penetration of pharmaceuticals and skin care products.  Dermaplaning will leave your skin with an immediate glow.  It can be done alone or with additional skin care treatments.  Used by physicians and skin care professionals since 1985.  I you would like more information, or to schedule a treatment, call us 864-676-1707.

Did you konw that cosmetic surgery inflation is far less than in the third-party-payor market?

Oct 22, 2013 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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According to Devon Herrick, PhD of the National Center for Policy Analysis, the inflation adjusted price of cosmetic surgery had decreased since 1992, while quality has improved.  Patients pay directly.  There are few barriers to entry and doctors rush to fill the demand.  While emergency cardiac care is different in that patients cannot shop for the cheapest price, only $1 out of $20 is spent on patients who enter through the emergency room door.  For most medical care, the only difference is that cosmetic surgery has a competitive market and transparent prices paid by the customer, and "insurance"-paid care does not.  Direct pay for a CT scan can reduce the price by 85%.  From AAPS News vol 69, no 9, Sept 2013

CoolSculpting Tummy and Love Handles

Sep 14, 2013 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
Tags: Non Surgical Fat Reduction Love Handles Tummy

We are making available this new technology - cryolipolysis -safe elimination of body fat areas by controlled cooling.  No surgery.  No needles.  No anesthesia.  No downtime. This is available as a series of office treatments, after which you can continue your usual activities.  Treatments are popular with both men and women.  We'll be happy to tell you more so call any of our staff at 864-676-1707 or e-mail info@expertplasticsurgeon.com  http://www.ExpertPlasticSurgeon.com