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Eyelid Surgery

Excess skin around your eyes can not only make you look older, but can also make your upper eyelids droop and block your field of vision.

Board-certified surgeon Sutton Graham can refresh your eyes with blepharoplasty performed at our on-site surgery center.

Discover why patients in the Greenville, SC, area choose Dr. Graham of Aesthetic Center Greenville for life-changing eyelid surgery.

What Is a Blepharoplasty?

As we grow older, our skin can begin to loosen and droop. Also, the fat under our skin can increase in some areas, and decrease in others. Because the eyelids are not immune to these factors, this can leave your eyes looking puffy, tired, and aged.

Dr. Graham can tighten your eyelid skin and redistribute fat deposits by performing an outpatient eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty. The results can make you look more youthful, alert, and refreshed.

Do I Really Need Eyelid Surgery?

If you have any of these lower or upper eyelid issues, Dr. Graham can reduce or eliminate them by performing a blepharoplasty at his Greenville, SC, plastic surgery center.

I Look Exhausted

Drooping upper eyelids can make you look tired or zoned out.

I Have Loose Upper Lids

Loose skin on your upper eyelids can obscure your vision by hanging down over much of the eye.

I Have Wrinkles under My Eyes

The skin on the lower eyelid may drape loosely below the eye or accentuate wrinkles.

I Have Puffy Eyelids

Fat pads under your eyelids may create puffy bags below and above your eyes.

I Have Trouble Applying Makeup

Loose, creased skin around the eyelids can interfere with smooth makeup application.

How a Blepharoplasty Can Improve Your Appearance

Dr. Graham will customize your blepharoplasty procedure based on your individual medical or cosmetic needs. His goal is to provide patients of all ages with the most personalized, high quality care available.

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery 

Restore Your Confidence

Wrinkles and sagging around the eyes can leave you feeling self-conscious about your looks or age. By eliminating these, Dr. Graham can help you take greater confidence in your appearance. 

Improve Your Field of Vision

Sagging eyelids can interfere with your ability to see. By removing excess skin and tightening the eyelids, your field of vision will be improved.

Combine with Other Procedures

Are you looking for a more dramatic transformation? Dr. Graham can combine blepharoplasty with other plastic surgery procedures to improve various facial features and reduce other signs of aging.

Look Younger Longer

While results cannot last forever, you can anticipate long-lasting changes. Many of Dr. Graham's patients don't even need to consider having treatment for over a decade.

Recover More Quickly

Dr. Graham can not only complete this procedure in just a few hours, he also do so with only local anesthetic instead of general anesthesia. Patients remain comfortable and can recover from surgery in hours rather than over a few days. You can expect to resume light activities in a matter of days and a full recovery in just a few weeks

Are Blepharoplasty Procedures Really That Common? 

Want to Look Younger and Feel More Confident? Contact Dr. Graham Today

Dr. Sutton Graham has two decades of private practice and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means he has the experience and specialized training to give you the superior blepharoplasty results you deserve. 

Choose a plastic surgeon who combines exceptional personalized care with certified surgical skill. Schedule an eyelid surgery consultation now with Dr. Graham at our state-of-the-art Greenville, SC, surgical center. Use our online form or give us a call at: 

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Dr. Graham

5-Stars for Dr. Graham and Aesthetic Center Greenville "I cannot recommend them more highly!!!"


Robert Whitesides


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Dr. Sutton Graham is very knowledgeable of not only the medical aspect of elective/corrective surgery, but also the psychological side. He sets realistic expectations, and in my experience, it went way better than I expected. Highly recommend!

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Kimberly Sprayberry


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What an amazing place! They offer so many services...The staff is happy and professional. Dr. Graham cares for each patient and makes sure everything is done to perfection. I cannot recommend them more highly!!!

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Another Dramatic Blepharoplasty Transformation

before eyelid surgery

after eyelid surgery

By combining an upper eyelid blepharoplasty with an endoscopic brow lift, Dr. Graham was able to provide subtle, but effective, results for this 48-year-old woman.

The Blepharoplasty Procedure Timeline

You will begin to see the age-reversing results of your procedure over the next couple of weeks...
You will begin to see the age-reversing results of your procedure over the next couple of weeks...

Upper Eyelids

Dr. Graham will make a small incision in the crease above your eye. Muscle tightening, the redistribution of fat, and excess skin removal can all be done through this incision. Any resulting scars will be hidden and hard to see. 

Lower Eyelids

A small incision is made below your lower eyelash line. Skin, muscle, and fat can all removed, tightened, or redistributed through this incision. Again, any scarring will be extremely difficult to notice.


Dr. Graham will carefully and precisely close the incisions. He will schedule you for a second appointment to have the stitches removed. 


You will begin to see the age-reversing results of your procedure over the next couple of weeks as minor bruising or swelling subsides.

More 5-Star Love for Dr. Graham and Staff "I just can’t say enough on how happy I am."


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Could I be happier??? I don’t think so!!!...Please, if you’re considering ANY plastic surgery, please go no further than Dr. Sutton Graham...Worth every penny!!!

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Dr Sutton Graham and his staff were truly amazing. I am so very pleased with my results....I just can’t say enough on how happy I am.

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How We Help You Have  a Smooth Post-Surgery Recovery

Serious complications from eyelid surgery, like infections, are rare. And even though most of our blepharoplasty patients are surprised by how easy their recovery period is, we take special steps to help you feel more comfortable during the healing process:
  • Post-op pain is usually mild and easily controlled. Dr. Graham may prescribe antibiotic eye drops and pain medications.
  • Lauren Mauldin and Stacy Bufano, our Skin Care Specialist, can teach you gentle post-op eyelid massage techniques to increase circulation. This helps reduce minor complications like swelling and bruising.
  • Our skin care specialist can also give you personalized makeup advice to conceal any lingering signs of treatment.
  • Dr. Graham and his staff will present you with written pre- and post-op care instructions before your procedure.
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Dr. Sutton Graham

Aesthetic Center Greenville

Dr. Graham has been performing plastic surgery since 1990. He is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized treatment, and is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons

To learn more, contact us online or call our Greenville, SC, office at (864) 676-1707​.

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"I am very pleased with Dr. Graham and his staff! They have been incredibly kind and helpful throughout my surgery. The post-op care has also been top notch! They always respond to my concerns right away, and I always feel well cared for, and listened to." Mary V.

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