"The COVID 15" "Quarantine 15." Extra Pounds: Positive Solutions By Dr. Sutton Graham on June 30, 2020

Internet users and publications are using humor to describe the problem of weight gain during work-from-home, stay-at-home pandemic restrictions.  "The COVID 15" and "Quarantine 15" refer to extra pounds that accumulate because of lifestyle changes attributed to the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Interesting articles describe men and women revising their profiles on web-based personal shopping services, more people ordering larger sizes, folks noticing their existing wardrobe fitting too tightly, documented changes in weight tracking apps, and increased returns to clothing retailers.

We can blame this situation on decreased physical activity (social distancing, gym closures, less walking to work or while shopping).  We can blame this on kitchen creativity and extra time preparing meals and treats at home (bread flour disappeared from store shelves, cooking app usage increased).  We can blame this on increased consumption of processed food items and convenience foods (freezer pizza, boxed prepared entres).  We can blame this on increased alcohol calories.  We can blame this on altered routines and workplaces which now mean that the kitchen and snacks are just steps away while working from home.  

At the Aesthetic Center we are not seeing higher numbers of patients trying to undo the effects of over-indulgence.  If this phenomenon is real however, we actually know the solutions.  And the solutions are good for us.  Each person can make small changes gradually.  Find a simple way to change a few routines.  Add a brief daily walk in the early morning or after dinner.  You'll find it a great comfort.  Replace a few processed snacks and side dishes with colorful, fresh fruits or vegetables (without ranch dressing), or unsweetened or unprocessed frozen items (out of season berries or green peas or okra).  Replace sweetened drinks or flavored coffees with water, morning and evening.  You will consume more nutrients along with getting fewer calories.  Reduce alcohol consumption, even if it means enjoying a smaller glass daily. From these small changes, we'll get better nutrition, healthier gut flora, lower stress hormones, clearer skin, some vitamin D,  And hopefully we'll all sleep better, too.  We need it.

Seek uplift during your down-time.




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