breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Small, disproportionate breasts can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and affect the symmetry of your figure.

At Aesthetic Center Greenville, we perform breast augmentation to increase the size of your bust and create a curvy, feminine figure.

So why should you consider breast augmentation at our Greenville, SC, plastic surgery practice?

breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation Can  Increase Your Self-Confidence

Improve Shape and Size

Breast implants can give you fuller breasts with improved projection and shape. Dr. Sutton Graham can provide enhancements that complement your curves for a beautiful and comprehensive result.

Create Symmetry

If your breasts are different in size or shape, breast augmentation can give your bust attractive symmetry.

Increased Self-Confidence

Breast augmentation can make you feel more secure and confident about your appearance.

How do implants work?

illustration of implant placement

Factors to Consider Before Breast Augmentation:


Your Overall Health

As with any surgical procedure, you should be in good overall health before undergoing breast augmentation. You should provide a complete medical history so Dr. Graham can evaluate your risk for complications.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should wait a few months. This is recommended because both pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect the shape and size of your breasts.

Feelings About Your Breasts

If you are unhappy with your breasts, this procedure can help. However, you should only undergo breast augmentation to please yourself, not someone else. 
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You should have realistic expectations about the possibilities and limitations of breast augmentation. Dr. Graham will help educate you about the procedure beforehand to help you make your decision.

Breast Sagging

Breast augmentation cannot address sagging. However, if you are concerned about sagging, Dr. Graham can also perform a breast lift to address the issue. 

Will implants look natural?

Highly Personalized Treatment for the Most Flattering Results

At our Greenville office, the planning process for breast augmentation is exceptionally detailed to provide you with the best possible outcome. Dr. Graham will perform an evaluation and discuss your goals as a starting point for your treatment. You will then have the opportunity to choose a bra size and try on a variety of implants.

We also use advanced 3-D imaging to help patients envision their expected results. Also at this time, the implant type, placement, and incision location will be decided upon. Dr. Graham can provide guidance and his professional recommendation, but you will have the final say on all aspects of your procedure.

Woman standing in front of 3-D imaging device

Types of Breast Implants Available at Our Greenville Office

Our plastic surgery practice offers several types of implants, including the innovative IDEAL IMPLANT®. When selecting a breast implant, you can browse through numerous before and after photos of our patients to determine which type of breast implant meets your goals. You will also discuss the different types of placement and different incisions available.

Our Greenville, SC, plastic surgery practice currently offers:

Saline Implants

For many patients, Dr. Graham typically recommends saline-filled implants. Saline implants are made up of a silicone shell filled with sterile saltwater. In the event of a leakage, the saline is naturally absorbed by the body. 

Smooth Breast Implants

Smooth breast implants create soft, natural-feeling results, but can potentially create visible ripping under the skin.


Our Greenville, SC, office is proud to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. This breast implant combines the natural feel of silicone implants with the safety of saline implants to give our patients great results and a strong peace of mind. This specially designed breast implant is filled with saline, which can be naturally absorbed by your body in the event of a rupture. But the outer shells make it feel youthful and natural like a silicone implant.

What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Surgery


For your comfort during this one-hour procedure, breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia.


Patients most often choose the inframammary incision location (under the breast). However, we also offer incisions along the areolar margin (around the nipple). 

Implant Placement

Dr. Graham will carefully place the implant above or below the pectoral muscle, depending on your preference.

Closing Incisions

Once the breast surgery is complete, Dr. Graham will carefully and strategically place sutures to ensure minimal scarring.


Our plastic surgeon will place a bandage wrap around the breasts and send you home to begin your recovery.

More Information on Breast Augmentation Surgery

Definitely one of the most popular procedures in our practice and nationwide, breast implant surgery is one of our specialties. Our breast augmentation patients report very high levels of satisfaction with their results. We serve individuals from throughout the Carolinas, including Spartanburg, Greenville, and Asheville with breast augmentation using implants selected to ensure the most natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results possible. Learn more about breast augmentation, performed by our gifted surgeon, Dr. Sutton Graham, at the Aesthetic Center.

After Receiving Breast Implants

Not long after your breast augmentation procedure, which is performed in about one hour under general anesthesia, you’ll be able to return home to begin the short recovery process. Special techniques are used during surgery to minimize postoperative discomfort and to speed your recovery. Medications will help manage any post-operative pain and muscle spasms you may experience. You should have full range of motion in your arms and shoulders right away, and you will be able to walk around the first day after surgery. We’ll give you a soft bra to wear until it is time for you to go shopping. As you recover, you will be able to taper off prescription pain medications and use Tylenol. You can drive a car within days of your breast augmentation procedure and return to light work in about one week. Several follow-up office visits are typical, and we’ll be happy to see you extra times if you have questions. Breast implants may need to be replaced over time. Results are long lasting, but breasts may change with age and gravity.

Finally, beauty without compromise.

Now available in our office, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured
Breast Implant combines natural feel with the safety of only saline inside for peace of mind.  The IDEAL IMPLANT has undergone 10 years of development and refinement, including contributions of clinical expertise from many plastic surgeons.  The result is the FDA-approved IDEAL IMPLANT, with the natural feel that women want, but without any silicone gel.

The IDEAL IMPLANT has a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers that hold the saline.  This simple, yet innovative, internal structure is designed to control movement of the saline and support the implant edges to reduce folding and wrinkling.  In addition, the edges have been lowered to better fit the natural curve of the chest wall.  This unique design allows women to have the best of both worlds with their implant- natural look and feel, but the ability to just look in a mirror and know the implant is intact.

Dr. Sutton Graham

Aesthetic Center Greenville

Dr. Graham has been performing plastic surgery since 1990. He is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized treatment, and is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons

To learn more, contact us online or call our Greenville, SC, office at (864) 676-1707​.

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"I am very pleased with Dr. Graham and his staff! They have been incredibly kind and helpful throughout my surgery. The post-op care has also been top notch! They always respond to my concerns right away, and I always feel well cared for, and listened to." Mary V.

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