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Laser Treatments

Skin imperfections such as uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, and unwanted hair can make you feel self-conscious about your features.

Laser skin and hair treatments can provide the dramatic and beneficial results you've been searching for.   

The Aesthetic Center of Greenville, SC, offers various laser treatment options for patients seeking younger, healthier-looking skin.

Which Concerns Can Lasers Address?

Laser energy treatments are a great addition to our Greenville practice because they can address many concerns, including: 

  • Sun damage 
  • Uneven texture or skin tone 
  • Loose skin 
  • Acne and acne scarring 
  • Rosacea and facial redness 
  • Unwanted facial and body hair 
  • Age-related conditions, such as wrinkles and fine lines 

Our Advanced Lasers  Sciton HERO and HALO 

Our Greenville office offers some of the most advanced lasers available to create amazing results. BBL® (BroadBand Light) HERO™ by Sciton works by delivering light energy to the upper layers of skin. When the heat is absorbed through the skin, it stimulates skin cells to regenerate new collagen. We also offer HALO™ by Sciton, a high-end skin resurfacing laser that operates using both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to target multiple skin concerns.
Woman with sun spots
Before Treatment
Woman with clear skin
Six Weeks After Treatment
Laser skin resurfacing with the HALO laser by Sciton refined our patient's skin tone and pigmentation. 
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Feel Good About Your Skin Request a Consultation

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Our South Carolina team strives to make the time you spend in our office as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Inside our clean, modern Greenville, SC, building, you'll be greeted by a welcoming staff offering amenities such as warm blankets and fresh beverages to enhance your experience. Our laser hair removal and skin treatments can help you feel better about the texture and appearance of your skin, allowing you to leave our practice with a glowing complexion and greater confidence.

During a consultation, our staff will get to know you and your concerns so we can choose the perfect laser treatment for you. Contact our Greenville, SC, office to learn how we can help you feel your best.

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"I love this place." Patients Across South Carolina Choose Our Team


Tanner Roach

Greenville, SC


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Allison, a nurse injector at this facility, is great at what she does. She listens to your wants and works with you to form the best plan possible. She makes the process super easy and comfortable. I highly recommend her!

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Mesha Roberts

Greenville, SC


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I love this place... [Dr Graham] and his staff are amazing. So if you want a good surgeon and an overall good team this is the place. They all answered my questions and I stayed having them but they were always polite and eager to make sure I was comfortable from beginning to end... This team is definitely worth the wait and I’m thankful for my results .

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Laser Skin Treatments Offered in Greenville

BBL Hero handpiece

BroadBand Light

BroadBand Light (BBL) uses intense light to stimulate the body's production of collagen. It can treat rosacea, spider veins, acne, sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones. BBL treatments typically last about 30 minutes and provide visible changes to the skin in just a few days.

HALO® handheld


HALO® uses ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to trigger the body's natural healing process. The procedure can treat sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, and depressed acne scars, improving your overall complexion. HALO treatments are fast and result in little downtime, getting you back to your life quickly.

TRL Zoomscan handpiece

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing removes damaged layers of skin and stimulates the production of new, healthy skin. This laser resurfacing procedure can address deep texture lines, sun damage, skin discoloration, and acne scars. Recovery can take one to two weeks, and patients may require multiple laser resurfacing treatments to address more extensive concerns, such as deep wrinkles and scars.

Bare HR Sciton Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Do you have unwanted body hair on your arms, armpits, legs, bikini line, or another region? Laser hair removal uses lasers to heat the hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. The lasers damage the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. The result is smooth skin that lasts.

Sciton Joule

Laser Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is a minimally invasive treatment that rejuvenates areas of your skin using infrared (IR) energy. When the molecules under the skin are heated, they begin producing more protein to give your skin a full, supple look. Four to six treatments scheduled every two weeks are recommended for best results. Though some patients see noticeable changes soon after treatment, full results are not immediate.

Recover With Ease From Your Laser Treatment

Recovering from laser treatments is often a much gentler process than recovering from surgery. Still, there are some best practices you should follow to aid in your recovery and ensure you get the most out of your treatment. Unlike surgery, pain medication and time off work are not often necessary following laser skin treatments. However, you may experience redness and swelling 24-48 hours post-treatment. This is a normal reaction as your skin heals and rebuilds itself. Help your skin heal by incorporating the following practices into your recovery:

Limit Sun Exposure

After laser skin treatments, your skin is left in a vulnerable state that can be easily harmed by UV rays. Our staff will inform you on how long you should minimize your exposure to the sun's rays following your specific treatment, but prepare for recovery by investing in sunscreen, acquiring protective clothing, and requesting time off work if you work outside.

Keep Your Skin Clean

It's important that patients continue to clean their treatment area following laser treatments to avoid infection and the buildup of dead skin. Our staff may recommend you use a gentle cleanser to keep your skin clean without stripping it of its natural oils. Be sure to rinse with room temperature water and use a clean washcloth to pat your treatment area dry.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Your provider may recommend you moisturize right away or after your treated skin has finished peeling. Moisturizers can help the recovery process by acting as a protective layer when your skin is vulnerable. 

Avoid Harsh Ingredients

Your skin has undergone a lot from your laser treatment and now it's time for it to heal. Even if your skin is used to products like glycolic acid and retinoids to treat fine lines and acne scars, it's time to put the harsh ingredients aside. You can reintroduce them into your routine in a few weeks.

Avoid Touching Your Skin

Avoid touching your skin because you may carry unwanted germs on your hands and transfer them to your treatment site through touch, increasing the chances of infection and interrupting the healing process. Also, avoid picking at any flaky skin as it peels to prevent scars.

A Whole New Look After Just Two Treatments

Woman with acne scars
Before Treatment
Woman with smooth skin
Three Months After Treatment
Our patient saw remarkably smoother skin texture after two laser skin treatments with the HALO by Sciton. 
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Laser Hair Removal Is Also Available

Bare HR Blend machine that removes hair

Appropriate for both men and women, laser hair removal can help you target unwanted hair virtually anywhere on your body, including your:

  • Face
  • Legs 
  • Underarms 
  • Bikini area 
  • Back 
  • Chest 

We will target actively growing hair and damage the follicle to stop future growth using a laser. Your unwanted hair will gradually begin to fall out, and hair that does grow back will generally be thinner and lighter. Most patients require six to eight hair removal sessions to achieve their desired results. Laser hair removal is not permanent. Depending on hair growth, patients may need follow-up treatments to maintain results.

The laser hair removal procedure is less painful than other forms of hair removal, including waxing, and most patients experience little discomfort.

"Love Dr. Graham and his staff." More 5-Star Reviews From Happy Greenville Patients


Elizabeth Carlton

Greenville, SC


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I absolutely LOVE Dr. Sutton Graham as well as his staff!! They are all so caring. Dr. Graham did an AMAZING job on my breast augmentation 3 yrs ago! I will always be very thankful for his knowledge and work!!

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Greenville, SC


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Love Dr Graham and his staff. I have had two procedures with very positive outcomes. Never had to wait more than 10 minutes to see Dr Graham and he answers all questions without rushing. His staff is friendly and helpful. 

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Dr. Sutton Graham

Aesthetic Center Greenville

Dr. Graham has been performing plastic surgery since 1990. He is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized treatment, and is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons

To learn more, contact us online or call our Greenville, SC, office at (864) 676-1707​.

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"I am very pleased with Dr. Graham and his staff! They have been incredibly kind and helpful throughout my surgery. The post-op care has also been top notch! They always respond to my concerns right away, and I always feel well cared for, and listened to." Mary V.

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