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It can be frustrating when fat around your tummy, hips, arms, and legs just won't budge, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Sutton Graham can help you eliminate stubborn fat and achieve slimmer, sexier contours with liposuction.

Liposuction has helped many of our patients throughout Greenville, SC, achieve life-changing benefits...

A Closer Look at the Procedure...

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure designed to eliminate stubborn fat deposits in a targeted area. Once fat cells are removed, the results are permanent. Our Greenville, SC, practice uses advanced plastic surgery techniques to prioritize your safety and ensure optimal aesthetic results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction? Factors to Consider...

You Are a Healthy Non-Smoker

The best candidates for any type of plastic surgery are non-smokers with good overall health. While your BMI does not determine your candidacy alone, the procedure tends to work best for patients within a healthy BMI range. 

You're at a Healthy Weight

Lipo should not be performed if you are pregnant or intending to lose a substantial amount of weight. Weight loss can cause your skin to lose elasticity, especially when it happens quickly. While lipo will not address sagging skin, it can help you improve the proportions of your figure after weight loss, and can be incredibly beneficial when combined with other types of plastic surgery.

You Have Realistic Expectations

It is important that you have realistic expectations for the procedure and are choosing cosmetic surgery for the right reasons. Liposuction procedures can achieve incredible results, but it is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and will not magically cure all your body insecurities.

Your Treatment Timeline

Our patients in the greater Asheville and Spartanburg areas will undergo liposuction as an outpatient procedure at our Greenville surgical center. The surgery can take anywhere from one to four hours to complete and involves several steps...

Removing excess fat can encourage better lifestyle habits in the future.  

Day of Procedure

Removing excess fat can encourage better lifestyle habits in the future.  


We begin by administering a local or general anesthetic so you do not feel any pain throughout the surgery.


Our plastic surgeon will make careful incisions in the targeted area and inject a solution of anesthetic and saline to help break up the fat cells. 


Next, we insert a narrow tube called a cannula and suction out the fat deposits. 

Finishing Touches

Once the desired amount of fat has been removed, we will close your incisions. After you wake up from the anesthesia and are monitored for a brief period of time, you will be released home to recover. 

Recovery and Results

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Our Greenville surgical team will give you detailed instructions for managing pain and side effects after your treatment. We advise you to wear post-operative compression garments for several weeks to improve circulation and ensure the best aesthetic results. Most people will be able to return to work within one to two weeks after the procedure and can resume exercise after about six weeks.

Results become more easily visible over the first several weeks after treatment, at which time you’ll notice clothes fitting differently. The final results can take months to appear. To best maintain your results, it is important to practice a healthy lifestyle, get regular exercise, and eat a nutritious diet. 

"What an amazing place! They offer so many services. Wonderful skin care options. The staff is happy and professional. Dr. Graham cares for each patient and makes sure everything is done to perfection. I cannot recommend them more highly!!!" Kimberly S.
Dr. Sutton Graham

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Dr. Graham has been performing plastic surgery since 1990. He is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized treatment, and is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons

To learn more, contact us online or call our Greenville, SC, office at (864) 676-1707​.

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"I am very pleased with Dr. Graham and his staff! They have been incredibly kind and helpful throughout my surgery. The post-op care has also been top notch! They always respond to my concerns right away, and I always feel well cared for, and listened to." Mary V.

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