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Buttock Enhancment: Use Your Own Fat

Transferring a patient's own fat from areas of excess to areas of deficiency has a long history of safety and efficacy. However, recent years have featured reports of patient complications with buttock fat grafting.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, an international plastic surgery organizations responded to these reports with research and expert review and assessment (Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force).  They have released a list of recommended precautions for surgeons.  We are happy to report that our techniques already align with their recommendations.


Update on BI-ALCL; Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma

Apr 16, 2018 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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Plastic surgery national organizations have been working closely with the Food and Drug Administartion in the US and similar investigations are going on worldwide to better understand a recently discovered tumor arising near breast implants.  (See an earlier blog below.)  The tumor is not breast cancer, but rather a specific type of lymphoma, which are more commonly a type of blood tumor.  The name is Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma or BI-ALCL.

The FDA notes approximately 400 identified cases and 9 deaths.  The estimated lifetime risk is between 1:3800 and 1:30,000 women with implants.  Recent research appears to indicate that all cases are associated with texture surface implants, either past or current use.  It has effected both cosmetic breast augmentation and post-mastectomy reconstruction patients.  The causes are unknown, but research is on-going.

CoolSculpting -- New Technology -- Advantages

Apr 12, 2018 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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Reduction of body fat by freezing, without surgery, requiring no downtown, no garments, no medications.  That describes CoolSculpting.  We were the first plastic surgery facility in the upstate to incorporate this in 2013.  Since that time we have performed hundreds and hundreds of treatments, and our nurses Sara and Lyn have extensive experience.  While non-medical facilities in Greenville also offer CoolSculpting, we think we have the better opportunity to offer each individual patient the best choice.  The best results are obtained on properly selected patients.  In addition to CoolSculpting, we can offer tummy tuck (for loose tummy skin), liposuction (surgical fat removal), or non-surgical injection lipolysis (Kybella), etc.

We have the latest CoolSculpting technology: CoolAdvantage, CoolAdvantage Plus and CoolMini heads.  These allow shorter treatment times and more comfort.  You can complete more in a single afternoon.

2017 Top Five Women's Surgery Procedures

Apr 11, 2018 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
Tags: Augment Lipo Breastlift Tummy Eyelid

Breast Augmentation (implants)


Breast Lift (mastopexy)

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)

Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)

These were the 5 most common surgery procedures chosen by women in the US in 2017 according to the ASAPS (the Aesthetic Society).  The ASPS (the Plastic Surgery Society) publishes a slightly different survey with eyelid surgery higher than tummy tuck, and rhinoplasty instead of breast lift. 

These trends are similar to past years, but totals have increased by 1-2% overall.  Certain procedures for women have increased most recently, such as breast reduction and buttock enhancement.  Body contouring is more common for women 35-64, while eyelid surgery is most common after the age of 65. 

If you wonder about men, the top five are Liposuction, Eyelid, Reduction of enlarged breasts (gynecomastia), Tummy tuck and Facelift. 

Ear Pinning: Most Common Cosmetic Surgery for Children

Apr 11, 2018 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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Most cosmetic surgery is performed for adult women, but there are specific concerns that affect children which parents decide to have corrected during childhood.  According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, of which Dr. Graham is a member, ear surgery is the most common surgery for patients under the age of 18.  Otoplasty is commonly done to treat ears that stick out too far (prominent ears).  This is usually done after the child is 6-7 years old, and has recognized the her or she wants it done.  The procedure involves weakening the abnormal cartilage and using sutures to induce more natural curves.  The only scar is usually hidden on the back side of the ear.  The child wears a bandage or elastic band for a few weeks after the surgery.  Contact sports are limited for a few months. 

Spider Veins, Brown Spots Lighten With Laser & Intense Pulsed Light

Jan 17, 2018 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)
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Winter is an excellent time to consider having your facial, neck, leg and arm spots treated.  Our Nurse Practitioner Sara Christie uses our Sciton laser and Broad Banad Light devices to quickly and effectively treat such problems.  Our equipment includes both true laser technology and various wavelength settings of intense pulsed light (non-laser light).  This allows us to properly treat a variety of skin problems.

Sun spots, blotchy pigment, sun damage, aging skin changes can each be lightened and / or smoothed by careful application of BBL energy.  Treatment is brief and uses a cooling gel and possibly a numbing gel (topical anesthesia).  Patients (and staff) need eye protection from the extremely bright light, which has the ability to pass through healthy skin layers and concentrate energy in areas of abnormal pigment.  This causes the pigment to either be extruded from the skin surface or absorbed and metabolized away.

How Experienced Is Your Botox Injector? We Rank High In The Nation.

Jan 17, 2018 — by Dr. Sutton Graham | Comments (0)

Aesthetic Center Greenville has 4 experienced injectors, Dr. Graham, Dr. Browne, Sara and Lyn.  We treat several hundred patients each month, with excellent results and high patient satisfaction.  

That means we order quite a lot of BotoxCosmetic, Voluma, Volbella, Juvedrem Ultra Plus, etc.  All together, we are the largest volume user of Allergan's Botox and Juvederm injectable products in the region.  In addition, our practice is in the top 200 in the country.  This national category includes very large urban practices with many locations, franchise medspas and academic medical centers.  

Each patient here can have confidence that they will be in good hands.

More Fat Grafting, More Areas of the Body

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2016 annual statistics show some interesting trends.  Three of the five most increased surgical procedures were #1 Fat Graft to the Breast, #3 Buttock Lift and #4 Fat Graft to the Face; they each involve transferring a patient's own fat to an area where enhancement is desired.  Fat grafting offers a way to improve contour without using an artificial implant.  Saline breast implants have an excellent safety record and achieve enhancement that cannot be duplicated by fat.  It is unlikely that this will replace breast implants in the forseeable future, although research is underway.  Fat grafting is excellent for enhancing the buttocks, and used much more commonly than buttock implants.  Facial fat grafting now is quite commonly done along with facelifting.  

Which Procedures Increased the Most in 2016?

The surgical procedures which saw the most increases in 2016 were:  Fat Transfer (fat graft) to the Breast (up 41%), Labiaplasty (up 23%), Buttock Lift (up 21%), Fat Transfer to the Face (up 17%), Breast Implant Removal, Explantation (up 13%)

Top Five For Women and Men

New nationwide statistics are out for 2016 from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.  Most frequent women's surgeries were Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift / Mastopexy, and Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty comprizing oover 1.1 milllion women.  On the other hand men's top five were Liposuction, Breast Reduction (gynecomstia treatment), Eyelid Surgery, Nose Surgery, and Facelift totaling 144,000 (about 12% of women's total).