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By Dr. Sutton Graham on March 04, 2008

EMR stands for electronic medical records. The idea of having all medical information in digital format, easily searchable, and widely retrievable sounds appealing, except for the privacy and confidentiality issues. In the past individuals guarded health data so carefully. The federal governemnt, health insurance companies and large hospital corporations have been the first to adopt various systems of storing and processing your health information.

Individual physicians have been slow to adopt for various reasons. Most won't see additional revenue to cover the $50-100,000 cost. Many systems are not compatable with others. But, many are extremely concerned that stored data will be divulged to unauthorized people, used for marketing or profiling, etc. We all know that secure major data-banks have been tricked, looted, or accidentally released. Microsoft is advertising its version of a web-based health record. Google is soon to release theirs.

Our practice does not use web-based or online digital health records at the current time. We value your security.

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