Breast lift in South Carolina by Dr. Sutton Graham By Dr. Sutton Graham on October 22, 2009

In South Carolina, a very common patient request is breast lift. Women consult Dr. Graham about changes they have gone through. Their breasts have changed by their 30's to 40's, due to having children, nursing children, loosing weight, or simply time & gravity. They notice how good they look in supportive bras, but not without good support. They notice how sports bras and tight, fitted clothing flattens the breast. We often hear, "I'm only 30 and my breasts look like my grandmother's." (My apologies to beautiful grandmothers everywhere.)

Several before & after examples can be seen at our photo gallery:

Mastopexy means to lift or tack up the breast. It is the operation we perform to improve breast sagging. There are a variety of types based on the issues that patients are experiencing. Mastopexy does not make breasts larger or smaller because it preserves your natural breast tissue. Only skin is removed.

If we simply remove skin above a low areola and nipple, the operation is called peri-areolar mastopexy. If we remove some of the loose skin beneath the breast, the operation is called a vertical-pattern, key-hole, or lollipop mastopexy. If we remove more skin from the breast, the operation is called a standard or Wise-pattern mastopexy. Incisions will fade over time and can be easily covered under swim suits, bra tops, plunging necklines, etc.

In addition to the skin removal, important internal tightening is done. The breast gland tissue and normal fat is often suspended or supported internally to improve breast projection and upper pole fullness. Many patients request the addition of a breast implant to increase breast size and enhance projection and fullness. Some patients request a size decrease, removal of a portion of their breast tissue. This is called a breast reduction. When a patient has two different sized breasts, different procedures improve symmetry.

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