Lipo-abdominoplasty: Modification of tummy tuck procedure

By Dr. Sutton Graham on February 19, 2010

A few sophisticated or web savvy patients have heard the term "lipo-abdominoplasty" used and wondered what it meant.

As we discuss on our website or in previous blogs, there are many steps that together make up a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). These are customized to the needs and benefits of each individual patient. Skin, fat & muscle can be treated separately. Adjacent areas of the torso can be treated. And, going further, the so-called mommy-makeover means that breast enhancement is also done.

Lipo-abdominoplasty means that there is some amount of liposuction done the the anterior abdomen at the time of skin and muscle work. This is in addition to the surgical removal (excision) of lower abdominal subcutaneous fat. Surgeons must use care in combining liposuction, to minimize certain risks. If less undermining is done, then more liposuction can be added to a tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Graham has incorporated these techniques for years, with safety and effectiveness.

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