10 New Predicitions for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in 2011 By Dr. Sutton Graham on March 26, 2011

10)  Improving economy will release pent-up demand for definitive facial rejuvenation surgery (in addition to use of injectables).  We have already seen this at Dr. Graham's Aesthetic Center.

9)   Cosmetic injectables will to continue to increase in popularity (Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, etc.)  New products & players will enter the market.

8)   Body contouring after major weight loss will increase as our population realizes the health consequences and dangers of obesity - and either alters behavior or has weight-loss (bariatric) surgery.

7)   Many women with prior breast implants, due to their implants age or drooping of their breasts, will choose implant replacement with or without breast lift (mastopexy).

6)   Consumers will see more stories of horror stories caused by discount and grey-market injectables, unlicensed or poorly trained practitioners, offshore surgery.

5)   There will be continuing interest in non-surgical fat reduction; however liposuction will remain the gold-standard for now.  Experimental alternative techniques for fat reduction include freezing, zapping and lasering.

4)   Aesthetic or Cosmetic Medicine (the non-surgical methods) will continue expanding as more people take advantage of treatments.  The appeal will spread to a wider spectrum of people, and plastic surgeons will tailor treatments to unique needs of those populations.

3)   Non-surgical and minimally-invasive products and devices will proliferate as manufacturers seek to enter the expanding market.  Scientific advances will continue improving results and cutting recovery times.

2)   Celebrities with a shapely rear-end (Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez & Kim Kardashian for example) have enhanced the popularity of this feature.  More patients will seek surgical and non-operative buttock augmentation and buttock lifts.

1)   Evidence-based medicine will expand beyond hospital ratings and drug approval studies.  Consumers become more sophisticated and they seek evidence for the often exaggerated claims recently introduced medical products and devices.

These predictations came from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the nation's largest organization of board certified plastic surgeons which are devoted to enhancing patients' appearance.  Dr. Graham has been a member for years.  http://www.surgery.org

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