New: We are restoring volume in sagging faces with Sculptra

By Dr. Sutton Graham on April 16, 2011

We have a long and extensive experience with treating wrinkles with facial fillers, from collagen to hyaluronic acid (HAs's) like Juvedrem, Restylane & Perlane. 

Now Dr. Graham & Janice are adding Sculptra Aesthetic injectable poly-L-lactic acid.  This material works differently from HA's. It causes your body to create more collagen beneath the skin.  Surgeons refer to this effect as "voluminizing" rather than filling.  Instead of seeing an immediate plumping after injection which gradually declines (like with HA's), there is a gradual increase in your own collagen.

The enhancement occurs over several weeks and lasts at least 2 years according to company research.  Treatment consists of three sessions, about one week apart. 

We are able to improve nasolabial grooves, both by direct injection and by restoring volume to the adjacent sagging cheeks.  Other areas of improvement include jawline, chin, temples, cheekbones.  Sculptra can improve modrate to severe wrinkles in your cheeks.  Botox and Dysport treatments can compliment the wrinkle improvements.  Non-invasive laser treatments and professional skin care can further improve the results. 

We suggest you review the company website for detailed education, then visit us for a consultation and evaluation.  Then schedule your treatment.  Call us at 864-676-1707, or e-mail at

Sculptra Aesthetic is made available by sandofi-aventis and Dermik Laboratories

Photos:  Before, after first treatment, after second treatment

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