How Do I Choose The Right Breast Implant Size? By Dr. Sutton Graham on May 13, 2011

Choosing the right breast size is one of the most common concerns women bring.  (Today we'll address breast enlargement, but breast reduction entails the opposite concerns.)


There is no automatic right answer the the question, but we help each woman through a decision making process, based on their desires.  Here are some things to consider:

1.  What are you starting with?

2.  What cup size did you have in mind?

3.  Have your breasts changed size throughout your adult life?

4.  Has pregnancy changed them?  Breast feeding (lactation)?

5.  Are you planning any major weight changes?

6.  Are you planning any pregnancies / additional children?

7.  What advice or recommendations have you recieved from friends or family?

8.  What have you already learned from online / website research?

9.  Do you have photographs of your desired result? 

10. Do you want to look like someone else?

11. What are your leisure or sports activities?

12. Are there new clothing styles you intend to enjoy?

13. Are you involved in fashion modeling or beauty competitions?

14. (Undoubtedly, you have other questions.)

15. Finally, what body proportions do you hope to achieve?


Most patients have a simple cup size in mind.  We plan a procedure to meet your request.  But since you may have many questions, and there are many aesthetic (appearance) and anatomical considerations, so Dr. Graham and our experienced staff take you through a focused process to help us all be sure you get "the best breast." 

For example, imagine two women with average A cup size breasts.  One is 24 years old, never head children, 5' 9" tall, 145 pounds, an athlete with relatively low body fat percentage.  The other is 35 years old, has two children, which she breast fed, is 5' 4" tall and weighs an average 145 pounds.  In order to give these two women a full C cup size breasts, they will need completely different size implants (different in both volume and base diameter).  In addition, they will look quite different from each other in their clothes or bathing suits, and without clothes.  The cup size alone is not a complete indicator of the size of breast implant needed.

We use a variety of tools to help women visualize how they will look with their fuller breasts.  Temporary sizers with an appropriate bra and shirts allow them to see much of the change.  The experience of our staff (Terri will generally assist patients "fitting".) and Dr. Graham helps us determine how to meet your needs.

New patients have often been advised by friends (or anonymous websites) that "you should pick implants bigger than you initially think."  Our methods help patients choose a breast implant that fits their body well.  We survey our post-operative patients, and can report that our patients rarely think they choose an implant that is too small. 

When you call, we will help you through chosing your implant size.





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