Buttock Enhancement in a Women's Boutique: Apparently Avoiding Quality Medical Care

By Dr. Sutton Graham on May 26, 2011

This just came out in our local news (so the details are incomplete):  A woman ended-up hospitalized in a coma in a local hospital, having traveled from New Jersey to Mauldin, South Carolina, to undergo procedures to enhance her buttocks (possibly buttock implants).  She allowed the procedure to be done in a women's boutique - not an accredited surgical facility, not even a medical facility.  She was under the care of doctors, who reportedly traveled from out of this country at the request of the boutique owner.  They were undoubtedly not board-certified plastic surgeons and probably not even licensed to practice medicine in the US or South Carolina.  Charges have been filed against the boutique owner, and investications continue. 

Investigators are reporting that the woman is OK now, and we certainly hope she makes a full recovery.  We hear reports of such tragic occurences in other areas of the country from time to time, but it seems unusual so close to home.

We hope potential patients consider thier safety when contemplating a plastic surgery procedure.  We recommend researching and selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon, performing your procedure in an accredited surgical facility, with properly trained & experienced staff. 

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