Technology to Help You Envision Your Breast Augmentation Results By Dr. Sutton Graham on February 25, 2013

Greenville Breast Augmentation 3D Imaging SoftwareIf you are one of the many women who have considered breast augmentation but are hesitant to undergo the procedure because you are unable to visualize how you will look with breast implants, we have good news for you. Thanks to advanced computer technology, it is now possible to get a highly accurate preview of the results you can expect before you ever set foot in the operating room. Computer 3D imaging software allows you to see how you will look with a variety of breast implant sizes, shapes, and placement techniques.

Greenville plastic surgeon Sutton Graham features only the most advanced and effective technologies at his practice, including the extraordinary Vectra® 3D imaging system. The Vectra® 3D system allows Dr. Graham to give his patients insight into how they will appear after having undergone various surgeries, including breast augmentation. As a result, patients are able to make more informed and confident decisions about not only whether to undergo a procedure, but also which techniques will produce the most desirable and flattering results in their specific cases.

With the Vectra® 3D system, Dr. Graham can help to take the guesswork out of the decision-making process as you consider breast augmentation. If you are considering having your breasts enlarged with implants, and you would like to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Graham, please contact our Greenville plastic surgery practice today.

How the Vectra® 3D System Works

The Vectra® 3D system creates remarkably accurate images of how patients will appear after their surgeries by creating exact virtual replicas of the areas that will be treated as they appear before surgery. If you are considering breast augmentation, a scan of your upper body will allow for the creation of a 180-degree, 3D image of your breasts, shoulders, lower neck, and abdominal region. This way, you can see not only how your breasts will change with surgery, but also how they will appear in the context of your entire upper body, from your waist to your neck. You will have the opportunity to see how you will appear with different cup sizes and different implant shapes and textures. Realistic before-and-after shots will give you the chance to compare your current breasts with various results you could achieve through breast augmentation.

How Accurate Is the Vectra® 3D System?

At our plastic surgery practice in Greenville, breast augmentation results can be affected by many factors, including the density and texture of the breast tissues. Your body is like no one else’s; therefore, your results will be like no one else’s. The Vectra® 3D system is extremely accurate, but does not take into account those unique elements of your body that cannot be captured in an image. Nevertheless, the approximation of your results made possible by the Vectra® 3D system will be fairly close to the results you can expect. The image will at least allow you to conceptualize your results more accurately than you would be able to without the Vectra® 3D system.

For further information about the Vectra® 3D system, or to find out more about how you might benefit from breast augmentation with implants, please call, email, or visit our Greenville plastic surgery office today.

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