DeflateGate: Among Some Implant Patients

By Dr. Sutton Graham on September 11, 2015

This has nothing to do with the New England Patriots scandal, but one recent patient humorously alluded to her own "DeflateGate."

Breast implants do not last forever.  Our patients understand this when they chose breast enhancement surgery.  The high quality device moves with your body's movements throughout your day (and night).  One day, typically 15-20 years into the future, they will notice changes and need a revision procedure to place new implants.  Constant movement gradually weakens the silicone shell material and leakage occurs.  Saline breast implants deflate and release the saline solution inside, which is absorbed.  The fate of silicone gel implants is more variable, and the FDA recommends special MRI scans periodically to detect hidden failure.

The patient enjoyed many years with her prior implants, and received a new pair with excellent results.  Her re-do surgery was simpler than the original operation.  However, many patients experience changes in their bodies and breasts over the years since their first augmentation surgery.  They may chose to have smaller or larger new implants.  They may need a breast lift (mastopexy).  We provide the changes they need.

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