Cooltone Magnetic Muscle Stimulation: New Before & After Photos

By Dr. Sutton Graham on October 07, 2019

New technology is coming to Greenville that allows muscle development through magnetic field stimulation.  It is effective for abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis, obliques, transversus), buttocks (gluteal muscles) and thighs (quadraceps).  It requires about 4-6 sessions of 30 minutes each.  It produces mild to moderate muscle soreness, but doesn't require downtime or limit activities. 

Two types of patients will benefit the most from this technology.  The first is active, relatively trim men and women, who's work-outs need some extra help to achieve the desired degree of visible muscle development.  They go to the gym or work out at home, but won't dedicate the hours each week necessary to develop ab definition or to lift and firm the butt.  They do yoga, but want to add the sculpting that comes from resistance training.  They do cycling or other cardio, but also want toning.

The other group is those men and women that have kept trim and want to look their best, but do not put in the hours in the gym in order to see firm and defined physiques. 

Cooltone by Allergan can help.  High tech Magnetic Muscle Stimulation is not electrical current, but induces muscle contraction in ways that your ordinary work-out can't.  Programmed series of magnetic waves stimulate intense muscle contractions which lead to development of frimer, better toned muscles.  Call our office. Ask about our next featured Open House. Or schedule your personal consultation. 

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