You Have Another Way to Get the Abs You Want, through Cooltone Tech By Dr. Sutton Graham on February 23, 2020

  • Sculpted abs, thighs and glutes
  • You can keep doing your work-out, and see better resuslt
  • You can improve your muscles using technology rather than exercise
  • One time event or continuing enhancement
  • See more consistent results
  • No-Cost 2 minute trial to feel the intensity
  • Newest, most powerful advanced technology
  • No downtime or restrictions
  • Call or e-mail us for details and cost informtion

Technology has arrived in Upstate South Carolina that allows men and women to enhance their muscle definition and tone.  Cooltone is backed by Allergan corporation, which brought us BotoxCosmetic, Juvederm, and Coolsculpting (body fat reduction).  Dr. Sutton Graham's office is the first in the region to offer this technology.

Cooltone’s Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, or MMS technology, penetrates through the skin and fat layers to target only the muscle layer, inducing thousands of involuntary muscle contractions.  The body’s response to these contractions is to strengthen its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning.  Through a series of 4 quick (<45 minute) treatments over two weeks your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs can be firmer and have a more defined and toned appearance.  This appears more advanced than older external electrical stimuation.  This device offers more power, more Tesla magnetic intensity than alternate HIFEM technology.  With future studies we will learn if this relates to better results.  

The best candidates for this treatment are individuals who want to see better defined abdominal muscles, guteal / buttock muscles, and thigh muscles.  Women and men are both good candidates.  You should have limited excess fat in the treatment area.  You will see the best buttock firming and toning if there is thinner buttock fat; just like with concentrated gluteal muscle excercise programs.  Thick abdominal fat will interfere with your muscle definition, but the Aesthetic Center offers comprehensive solutions including liposuction and non-surgical Coolsculpting.  So, no surprise, lower BMI means better muscle appearance. 

You might be a fit, active individual who want to use this to boost the results of your current routines.  These could be pilates or yoga.  These could be cycling, running, Peleton or tennis.  These could be HIIT, CrossFit, core work-outs, etc.

Alternatively you might be a trim, healthy individual without regular exercise that wants to upgrade your appearance.  While this technology is not a substitute for exercise, and the various known benefits of regular exercise, it can give you the look you want.  And help you maintain it. 

You might be among the men and women whose success and livelyhood depends on their best appearance.  Great for fashion models, pagent competitiors, fitness models, fitness instructors, Instagram influencers, others on social media.  And there will be ladies and guys who want to look their best this Spring in bikinis and swim trunks when their shirts come off.


Full initial treatment is a series of 4 thirty minute sessions a few days apart.  Four within 2 weeks.  After the initial visit you will know to dress in light clothing, which you can leave on during the treatment.  You don't have to get undressed!  Results should improve over the next few weeks.  Keep this in mind if you are preparing for an event, competition or photo shoot. We look at this new technology as a possible plan to maintian toned appearence with periodic treatments.  We offer a flexible solution allowing our patients to come by for periodic touch-up treatments every 2-3 months.

To learn more we offer no charge brief consultations and periodic office events.  You will learn whether your expectations are realistic.  You'll learn if you are a good candidate.  You'll learn if there are other, better treatment options.  You'll get complete cost information (although general inforation is avilable is a simple as a phone call).  You can get a quick sample treatment to experience the intensity of magnetic muscle stimulation. 

Call or e-mail us for details and cost informtion.  864-676-1707 during 9-5 M-F.  Anytime at

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