Better Abs, Better Butt Muscles During Pandemic By Dr. Sutton Graham on June 25, 2020

We all want to keep fit, but the pandemic has made attending the gym a more difficult choice.  We want results, but we don't feel comfortable being close to others breathing deeply or contacting surfaces shared by others.  We may have lost muscle development during shut-downs and want to see quicker results.  We know we will be resuming many activities soon and want to look and feel good.  Warmer weather is here, and outdoor activites seem to be safer than many indoor forms of recreation. 

Cooltone has technology that allows us to intensely stimulate muscles and increase your results.  This is done with one or two heads or "applicators" placed over the muscles which generate a strong magnetic field.  This energy passes through skin and fat, which are relatively poor conductors to the muscles underneath.  No electrical current is used.  The magnetic field is very effective at causing muscle contraction, in fact these contractions are stronger than the voluntary muscle contractions generated by our motor nerves. The Cooltone applicator generates a magnetic field that creates a current when it passes through a conductive material. Muscles are good conductors of magnetic fields, unlike skin and fat, which are poor conductors. Our body muscle fibers respond to these contractions by strengthening and improving muscle conditioning. The result is stronger, firmer, and more toned abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.  Call us or e-mail to schedule your complimentary assessment / consultation. 

We start with a two to three week initial set of treatments, twice a week.  They require a visit of about 45 minutes each.  You don't sit in a waiting room, since we can call you in from your car, and come and go through our back entrance if you like.  As a medical and surgical facility, you can imagine that our standards for cleanliness and sterile technique are already very high.  You don't have to get undressed or change clothes after.  The sanitized applicator head is placed over your own clothing.  There is no preparation needed.  You can go back to your day's plans.  You won't leave sweating since the treatment is limited to the specific muscles and there is no straining or cardiovascular workout involved.  There are no restrictions afterward, although you may feel muscle soreness just like you would after an intense workout. 

Target your abdominal muscles; the rectus abdominus, external & internal obliques and transversus abdominus.  Smaller individuals will use a single applicator.  Larger individuals will have two applicators placed side-by-side.  We start with mild intensity and increase it as you become accustomed to the senstion.  It can be intense, but each of us learn our comfort zone while getting maximal results. 

Target the buttocks, primarily gluteus maximus.  One applicator placed on each side, over clothing. (Clothes must not have metallic decorations, eyelets, rivets, or copper impregnated fibers.)  Next are the anterior thighs.  The quadraceps muscles.  If you have multiple areas treated. you might be with us two hours or so. 

The initial 4-6 visits are priced as a package for each treament area (each muscle group).  If you enjoy and want to maintain your results, you would plan to return every 2-3 months for another shorter round of treatments.  This can be done individually or as a more affortable regular monthly charge. 

If this fits your needs in the current times, then give us a call.  864-676-1707

PS:  This technology is completley different than Coolsculpting for fat reduction.  Coolsculpting "freezes" fat to reduce it.  We are also a regional specialty practice for Allergan's Coolsculpting, being the first plastic sugeon in the SC Upstate to offer it beginning in 2013.  We were the first regional practice to add the new Cooltone technology early in 2020. 

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