Hourglass Figure: Flattering Your Female Form By Dr. Sutton Graham on July 01, 2020

Not seeing the hour glass figure you would like?  There are some possible solutions, and you know which ones come from us:

  • Spanx brand garment (trusty choice)
  • Corset, Waist Cincher
  • BodyCon Dress
  • Coolsculpting
  • Liposuction & Tummy Tuck

This is also known as the flattering "waist-hip ratio," having a waist relativly slimmer than the hip diameter.   Less than 1:1 ratio.  Anatomically, this has more to do with fullness in the flank region (the love handles) than the tummy, although the tummy plays a major part.  And of course the width of the hips is important.

Actually if you examine fashion or celebrity photos, there is a wide range of looks.  Kim Kardashian is a very recognizable example of a very low waist-to-hip ratio.  The opposite can be called an "H-shape," found on Anne Hathaway or Kim Cattrall.  Fashion models often make each step across the prior one, and pose standing with their ankles crossed to visually emphasize the convexity of the hips.  Twisting the torso can make the waist appear narrower in photos.

Can a plastic surgeon give you a hour glass figure?  He or she can help.  Your results depend on many factors.  It helps to have naturally wider hip bones and longer distance between the top of the hip bones and the bottom of the lower ribs.  It helps to have well toned abdominal muscles and minimal intra-abdominal fat (visceral or organ fat). 

If a prominent collection of fat covers your waist, removal by liposuction makes a big difference.  Pants fit better.  Your waist looks longer and slimmer.  Your buttocks appear more shapely, even without buttock enlargement.  That flank fat can easily be used to augment and enhance the shape of the buttocks; you get double benefits.  It may look like your buttocks were lifted without buttock lift scars.  Additional liposuction can enhance the lateral back as well (plus give you more fat to transfer to the buttocks if needed).  Circumferential liposuction of the torso is often called "Lipo 360."

If you tummy has loose skin or loose muscles, then tummy tuck / abdominoplasty has a part to play in enhancing your figure.  This is less about curving in the waist than about tightening or flattening the front of the tummy.  Overweight patients present a challenge to ideal body contouring for plastic surgeons.  If your goals include weight loss, get that down before removing the loose skin, fat and muscle tone.  That will give you your best look. 

And if your breasts have sagged or lack nice development, consider the part that breast lift and augmentation can play in giving you that overall better figure, even beyond the waist-hip-ratio.  The mommy make-over is a combination of body enhancing procedures, typically breast lift and or augmentation, with tummy tuck and or liposuction.

Imagine the three dimensional curving contour going down the female back, curving inward at the waist and then curving out around the round buttock, then finally in distinctly at the upper thigh.

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Photo courtesy of Wells-Johnson, whose liposuction cannulas and vacuum pump we use. 


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