Restoring Older Lips: No Longer Thin & Deflated

By Dr. Sutton Graham on October 17, 2020

Lip fullness naturally diminishes as a woman gets older, leaving some with thin, wrinkled, flattened vermillion.
The vermillion is the natural pink part of your lip. When young, this is softly rounded, convex or everted. Young lips have vertical texture lines which are subtle.  

By your fifties you often notice some loss of volume and increased lines.  The defined border of the lip, where vermillion transitions to skin, also thins and wrinkles. This same process can effect the skin between the lip and the nose (the cutaneous portion of the upper lip).  

By your sixties, almost every woman's lip can benefit from injectable filler to restore age-related changes. When done expertly, this does not make the lips look large, thick, distorted or unnatural in any way. It makes them look beautiful on your face.  Dr. Browne and our nurse injectors, Lyn and Stephanie, can reverse the appearance of age. 

Stephanie's patient let us use her immediate before and after images shown above.  The lip will not appear over-sized on her face, but it will no longer show it's age. This was accomplished with a small amount of Juvederm, and artistic technique. 


It should be mentioned that this is not the same as adding lip volume to a naturally thin woman's lip. Many young women have very thin lips that benefit from more fullness and contour.  Our injectors handle this concern as well.  

One advantage of visiting the Aesthetic Center is that we have many techniques to improve facial appearance. From injectable fillers discussed above, to tiny doses of Botox to reduce lines, to laser skin resurfacing (laser peel), to cheek and facelifts which reduce jowls, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. 
Our staff is not limited - we have many tools to offer and experts to perform for you. Call or e-mail us for a consultation to learn your options. 

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