Breast Implant Problems / Correction / Revision: Case 5 (11327)


This 40 year old woman came to the Aesthetic Center requesting improvement of prior breast lift and implants performed elsewhere years earlier. Her natural breast size was 34B with some asymmetry. After prior surgery she wore 34DD. Implants were placed subglandular. Her right breast was smaller than her left. Firm capsular contracture occurred on both sides. She requested softer, smaller, better shaped breasts. Various options were discussed with her, after which she chose smaller subpectoral implants, internal capsule work, and mastopexy with inframammary incisions. New implants were 210R and 275L. Some asymmetry of the lower breasts remains, but she is satisfied. She recovered well and achieved her goals of smaller, softer, better shaped breasts.

Patient Profile

40 years
Surgical Technique, Previous
Augmentation, Mastopexy
5' 6"
Surgical Technique, revision done
Capsulectomy, subpectoral conversion, mastopexy revision, smaller implants
Reason for Undergoing Treatment
Capsular contracture, distortion, hardening, overly large breasts
Size of Implants (Volume)
210 / 275ml

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