Breast Reconstruction / Mastectomy: Case 3 (10225)


This delightful young lady (18 y/o) was referred by her Ob/Gyn for correction of a developmental breast deformity. She wanted symmetric, normal appearing breasts. She was otherwise healthy and developing normally. Each breast had a different problem. The right breast had little breast tissue, a narrow elongated shape, a protruding enlarged areola (advanced tubular breast deformity). The left breast was size 36 C cup. It had advanced droop and downward slant, unusual for such a young woman. The areola was wide. The lower pole was tight (another variant of tubular breast deformity). A mulit-stage reconstruction was proposed. First, the left breast would be managed by vertical-pattern mastopexy (breast lift), without changing its size. The right breast would be managed by placing a tissue expander to create a better shape and relax the lower pole skin envelope. The areola protrusion would be improved by periareolar mastopexy. During the second stage (months later) the right expander would be removed and a saline implant placed, plus the left could be revised to improve symmetry. She ended-up with similar 38 B-C cup sized breasts, and could wear bathing suits and ordinary clothes easily. She was pleased as were we.

Patient Profile

Current Cup Size
38 B-C cup
Surgical Technique
R-expander/implant, areolar mastopexy, L-vertical mastopexy
Size of Implants (Volume)
275ml, right only (none on left)
Shape of Implants
Mentor saline, moderate profile
Breast problem(s)
Asymmetry, bilateral tubular breast deformity

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