Nipples Inverted, Too Large, Areolas Too Big: We can help at Dr. Graham's Greenville practice By Dr. Sutton Graham on October 04, 2009

Many women are surprised to learn that there are easy answers for "small" problems with their nipples and areolas. Some women specifically make appointments for Dr. Graham to advise them on correction of problems they have with the appearance of their nipples. Others learn during a consultation for breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction that they do not have to simply live with unusual appearing nipples. If the two are quite different, we can make them more alike.

Inverted nipples are able to be brought out. (Newly inverted nipples should first be evaluated by you primary care doctor, but long-term inversion is more common.) Elongated nipples can be made average size. These procedures are often combined with another breast surgery, but can be done by themselves. In fact, they are easily performed under local anesthesia in a brief procedure, with minimal recovery, and oral medication. The photo at the top is a before & after example of correction of nipple inversion.

The areola is the specially pigmented area around the nipple. If the areola is very wide, or elongated, some women request a smaller, more circular size. Sometimes the two are very asymmetric. By itself, the correction can be easily done under local anesthesia. If other breast concerns are present, areola correction can be combined with the breast procedure. This is most commonly paired with breast lift, done to correct breast sagging, and / or breast augmentation to correct loss of fullness.

In fairly unusual situations, a woman has abnormal breast development that effects the areola and breast tissue. In a condition called tubular breast deformity, the areola becomes dome-like, with breast tissue pushing out, and little natural breast shape. This can be corrected to establish more natural breast appearance.
Sutton Graham, MD is a very experienced breast surgeon who enjoys helping women resolves concerns they may have about their breast appearance at our practice in Greenville, Upstate South Carolina. Our primary communities are Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville, Anderson. We serve patients throughout Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Call us at 864-676-1707 or use the e-mail link on our website. We'll send you a informative packet with details about us, our procedures, and our wonderful staff.

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