Laser Resurfacing: How to Smooth Rough Skin

By Dr. Sutton Graham on December 10, 2009

Medical lasers do a wide variety of things, depending on wavelength, power delivery, etc. We have a number of lasers available to treat conditions ranging from acne, roseacea, unwanted hair, to skin looseness. One impressive thing they accomplish is to smooth the surface of rough, coarse, wrinkled skin.

Dr. Graham and our certified nurse practitioner (Janice Sasser, RN, NP-C) both offer laser treatments, from minor to extensive, under safe conditions and appropriate anesthesia.

More superficial lines will be treated with an anesthetic cream and surface cooling devices. Eye protection is always used. The recovery time is a few days. These treatments are good for mild-to-moderate lines, short recovery times, and patients considering staged treatments. Deep lines will be treated with local or general anesthesia. Recovery time is several days to two weeks. These treatments give more effects and have more recovery.

We will often suggest that laser skin resurfacing be done in conjunction with other helpful procedures. Active muscles contracting skin in areas like the "crow's feet" should be diminished by neurotoxin (Botox, Dysport) to enhance your laser wrinkle treatment. Lines around the mouth can also benefit from hyaluronic acid fillers (Perlane, Juvederm) or fat grafts, (and maybe a little neurotoxin). Chin lines can also benefit from HA filler. Lines beyond the corners of the mouth may benefit, if other indications exist, from a facelift. Finally old, deep acne scarring in some adults can be helped by both laser and facelift. These options are discussed during your consultation. We are always happy to inform.

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