Dramatic Gynecomastia Results By Dr. Sutton Graham on September 28, 2020


Paired before and after photos document the benefits of gynecomastia treatment. In the first set, this African American man sought help removing his enlarged, drooping male breasts.  This is an unusual degree of gynecomastia, but a problem Dr. Graham has delt with several times before.  In the more common situation (see below), removal of abnormal gland beneath the skin with surgery or fat reduction with liposuction is the treatment needed.  In this situation, there is a large amount of excess skin along with gland excess.  Skin removal is necessary to acheive a masculine chest contour, with the post-op result on the right hand side.  The long scar is needed to tighten loose skin, but should fade further over time.  Breast lift is part of his care. 

In the set of photos below, this gentleman has the more common degree of gynecomastia, and the photos on the right show the post-op appearance.  The only scar is a 1 1/2 inch line around the lower areola on each side.  The contour is that of well developed pectoral muscles without the extra bulk and fullness, protruding the entire area beneath and around the areolas.  The abnormal breast tissue is gone.  The male chest appearance is restored. 

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